Import Text Tool - Importing Word document

With our import tool you can easily upload the entire Word document directly into a FastPencil project to prepare it for publishing. Our document import tool is designed to recognize certain style elements in Word documents and break your book up into chapters accordingly. There are a few steps that you will need to take in order for the tool to properly import your document.

  1. With the Manuscript open in Word, you will need to remove Title page, Legal page, and Table of contents pages. The FastPencil tool automatically generates these pages for your Print and eBooks.

  2. Scroll through your document and apply the "Heading 1" style to all the chapter titles (including front and back matter chapters). This needs to be done through out the document. You will want to make sure that all the chapter titles are on one line.

  3. From your FastPencil Dashboard click the "New Project" button in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Once at the New Project page choose the "Write, Edit, Design" option, enter the title of your project and click "Create Project" button.

  4. From the Project dashboard click the "Import Text" link on the left hand side. Use the "Import from File" option, click Browse and find the marked up version of you document that we just created. Choose it and press the "Import File" button, this will start the file import process.


If the earlier steps were followed the document should upload to the FastPencil Platform with out any errors. You will want to spot check the project contents to verify that all the content uploaded correct. Occasionally untitled chapters are created, generally this is caused by chapter titles being on two lines. Or possibly a blank line had "Heading 1" style applied to it.

Once your content is in a FastPencil project you will want to make all edits or changes there. The FastPencil tool tracks revision history, this allows you to revert to older versions of the content.

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