Why Are My Paragraph Indentations Removed/Not Saving?

The interior style and formatting for books published using the FastPencil software is controlled by a theme. Themes are chosen by you during the preview and Publication Setup stages of your book, and can be changed as many times as you like before publication so that you can present your book in the style that best compliments the book's content. When republishing a book from an existing project, you also have the opportunity to change the theme.

Some of our themes provide automatic indentation of the first line of paragraphs and others do not. Because of this, and the interchangeable nature of the themes, the paragraph indentations have to be stripped out of the raw manuscript. This ensures that when you choose a theme with paragraph indentations, those indentations appear uniform and properly spaced. And if you switch back and forth between themes with paragraph indentation and no indentation, the text will be formatted perfectly each time.

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