Preview Setup Button - How to View a Digital Proof

The Preview Setup button  brings up a list of themes to select and render a PDF preview.

The preview is a digital proof and shows how your book interior will look when printed or displayed as a PDF or eBook. Each theme provides a different interior content design:

Dragon - A modern, fun design suitable for young-adult fiction.
Poetry - Your sonnets and odes will look great in this serif-based treatment.
Memoir - A strong, dignified design to best show off your life story.
Elegance - A simple template using a serif font for a classic look.
Fifties - Like taking a trip back in time, a stylized option.
Business - Simple, professional design, well-suited for manuals and textbooks.

**Tip: If you use your mouse cursor and hover over the different templates it will give you a sample preview of what your formatting will look like.** 



Select dimensions and theme preference, and click View Preview.  A PDF file will download to your device, and can be opened in Adobe Acrobat Reader (Free Download: for proofreading and viewing. This PDF is a digital proof, and an exact representation of the file used for printing the book.



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