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Themes are interior book layout designs that will change the visual design of book's inner contents when rendered using the "Preview Setup" or "Publication Setup" features. Each theme creates a new proof in a different design layout. Layout changes per theme include chapter intros, page headings, table of contents updates, different font families, and with each corresponding style, new line spacing. Be sure to preview your book project in several themes to see which style is best for your publication. Current themes:

  • Dragon - A modern, fun design suitable for young-adult fiction.
  • Poetry - Your sonnets and odes will look great in this serif-based treatment.
  • Memoir - A strong, dignified design to best show off your life story.
  • Elegance - A simple template using a serif font for a classic look.
  • Fifties - Like taking a trip back in time, a stylized option.
  • Business - Simple, professional design, well-suited for manuals and textbooks.

Previewing takes seconds. Why not preview your publication in several formats to see which style looks best for your title? After clicking "Preview Setup", your dashboard will display theme options. Select your desired theme preview, text size, and page dimensions, and click "View Preview" to download a PDF Proof!


The interior layout template selected during the PDF Preview and / or the Publishing Process determines the font and font size used, i.e. Business, Elegance, Memoir, etc. all have their own font, and the font size.

The trick to finding the perfect template for your book is to try them out! FastPencil automatically creates a preview of your actual book every time you change templates or book sizes. So you can easily see exactly what your book will look like in each design, or at any book size.

Hit the "Preview" button and select a template and a book size. Check out the PDF and notice how the table of contents looks, the chapter titles, the beginning paragraph designs, etc. Then go back to the Preview Setup Button and try another design and book size and compare changes to other templates.

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