Once I Publish to Global (Wide) Distribution, (Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble) When Will My Book Be Available For Purchase?

When a title in our Global (Wide) Distribution program is published, we begin sending out the catalog metadata to our distribution partners within one business day.

Print book catalogs are refreshed within 5 days up to 4 weeks upon submission of a title. We send our data feed out daily, and it is up to our channel partners to pick it up. A title is usually available at 3rd party retailers within 4-6 weeks after it is published. Occasionally, partial listings will appear on the channels and can take 4-6 weeks to fully populate. It can definitely happen faster, it all depends on when our channel partners pick up our feed.

eBook Catalogs are refreshed within 2 days up to 4 weeks upon submission of a title.

For a Publisher Account's first title, it takes up to two weeks to initially set up the account, and after this, a title usually goes live within a few days.


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