Pre-Publishing First Steps: What to Expect / How Much Does It Cost To Publish With FastPencil?

FastPencil ensures books + e-books are built to perfect specifications, with print on demand capabilities. Hobbyists, Authors, and Publishers print and publish books and e-books and distribute globally while leveraging easy-to-use book-building software. Print and publishing professionals are selling more books to wider audiences while earning 80% net royalties – paid directly to the published author – managed through one dashboard.

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Writing tools and version tracking, along with task management and collaboration features, work together to help build Print Books + eBook Bundles with ease. 

To create a Print and e-Book from ONE PROJECT, start here: We'll create print and e-books for all readers on all devices (nook, iPad, kindle, Sony, Kobo, PC, MAC, and more) from YOUR CONTENT. Start organizing your stuff, now

All of the FastPencil writing and previewing tools are free. When you’ve finished writing and are ready to publish, choose from these flexible Publishing + Distribution Options: 

FastPencil offers these flexible Publishing + Distribution Options:

  1. PRIVATE PUBLISHING - $9.99 - For your eyes only. A private link for author-cost book buying is provided; no royalties are earned at this discounted price. (FastPencil Tip: Publish "Private" to receive your first proof copy. Proofread thoroughly before choosing to publicly publish with "Marketplace" or "Global Distribution".)

    Pre-pay for this Private Proof Printing service – (Publish - Private $9.99 Buy Now) – or when you are ready to publish privately, purchase this service and proof books within the Publication Setup wizard from your dashboard.

  2. PUBLISHING TO FASTPENCIL MARKETPLACE ONLY - $9.99 - Your book will be available for sale on the FastPencil Marketplace at your chosen retail price. Author-cost book buying is available, too.

    Pre-pay for this Public Publishing and Book Printing service – (Publish - Marketplace $9.99 Buy Now) – or when you are ready to publish publicly, purchase this service and proof books within the Publication Setup wizard from your dashboard

  3. GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION PUBLISHING - $249 (DIY 1, one format) or $299 (DIY 2, for both print and eBook formats) - Titles published with Global Distribution will be available for 3 years on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kindle, iPad, Nook, Ingram, etc. After the first 3 years there is a $19.00/year catalog fee to keep the title in distribution. The title will be available for sale on the FastPencil Marketplace at the chosen retail price. Author-cost book buying is available, too.

    Pre-pay for the Global Publishing and Book Printing service now:

    $249.00 Buy Now Global Distribution - One Format (Print OR e-Book) Pre-Pay

    $299.00 Buy Now Global Distribution - Two Formats (Print AND e-Book) Pre-Pay

    Or, when you are ready to publish globally, purchase this service and proof books within the Publication Setup wizard from your dashboard

Every time you publish you must purchase at least ONE proof copy of your book. The reason we do this is to ensure the quality of each publication and to be sure the author approves of the book listed in distribution. When you publish an eBook either Private or in the FastPencil Marketplace there is a $9.99 cost for the eBook Bundle Creation (epub, mobi and pdf files). When you publish a print book, authors pay the manufacturing cost of the proof plus shipping, handling and taxes.



*Tip - What's in an eBook Bundle?

E-Pub - E-Reader industry standard and currently offers epub3 formats

Mobi - Amazon exclusive file, created for the Kindle.

PDF - Computer device industry standard.

Metadata - Marketing tidbits paired with your publication formats. Publishing wizard guides authors through the metadata collection process prior to publishing. This information is paired with ISBN, Covers and book files and distributed to all sales channels once the title is published.



These guided-publishing stages are designed for Authors and Publishers to gain maximum control over publishing flows and schedules. For example:

  1. Private proofs allow for the writing team to edit, revise, and proofread the physical book. It’s funny how typos and obvious re-writes seem to jump from the printed pages! With the Private publishing option, authors can review and polish the first draft from one, bound copy, privately.
  2. Marketplace publishing enables authors and publishers to pre-sell a title that is meant for global publishing but is not yet fully funded. Maybe Galley Proofs or Advanced Review Copies are needed for an event or appearance. The Marketplace only publishing option sells books and e-books to your fans and friends.
  3. For Global (Wide) Distribution with ISBNs, select Global (Wide) Distribution publishing. Titles published with Wide Distribution will be available for 3 YEARS on, Kindle, Barnes and Noble .com, Nook, iBooks, iPad, Ingram, Lightning Source, and more.


Did you know, FastPencil provides every published book with a:

  1. BookBuy Page with unique URL that lists the Book, Pricing, Description and other Metadata, and a Preview of the Book.
  2. BookBuy Widget. This is a Web Graphic (an HTML Coded Web Advertisement) meant to be used on your web properties to drive traffic back to the BookBuy Page.

And be sure to flesh out your Author Profile Page. It's new and improved!


FastPencil also offers different Publishing Packages & A La Carte Services including cover design, line editing and formatting help. Our managed services are provided by professional editors and designers who understand industry trends and will adhere to your publishing schedule.



  • For WORD DOC instructions, skip to 2:20.
  • TIP - To upload a MS Word Document file and organize it into chapters and sections, label all your Chapters and Sections as "HEADING 1". Once you import this document with the "heading 1" label, the publishing platform will separate all the chapters and sections for you. Alternatively, copy/paste each chapter and section, to ensure your styling and content is imported, section by section, paragraph by paragraph.


Find out more about Shipping Options | Costs, here. 


Publishing with FastPencil allows authors to write, print, publish and sell books and e-books publicly (or privately) in multiple formats and sizes with ISBNs available. Plus, Professional Author Services are available for those who would like to distribute through Global Partner Networks. Reach sales and budget goals while selling through Amazon, B&N, iBooks, BAM! and more by publishing just once from one simple platform.

Ask FastPencil pros about any stage of the book publishing life cycle:

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