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About FastPencil

FastPencil is book publishing software that allows authors to write, publish, distribute and sell print and eBooks! We have removed the hurdles inherent in traditional book publishing by combining amazing advances in technology with a sophisticated online workflow system for both print books and e-books.

Our Platform
Our unique platform showcases powerful technology that makes it possible for anyone to publish a high-quality book. Not only is it as easy to use as any word processing software, but it provides features like revision control, text styling, and collaboration capabilities. 

Collaborate within your Project
Regardless of the type of book you’re writing, you need feedback as you create. When authors have ready access to friends and collaborators, the writing and editing process is faster and easier. At any point in the writing process you can connect with like-minded people, share knowledge, gather feedback from reviewers and editors, and collaborate with other authors, all without leaving FastPencil.

Professional Author Services
FastPencil offers a wide range of Author Services designed to fit your needs and budget. Whether you need an editor, cover designer or just a quick manuscript review, we have an assortment of Publishing Packages and a la carte services to help. Visit author services.

Publishing and Distribution

Choose from the following Publishing and Distribution options:

  1. PRIVATE PUBLISHING - $9.99 - For your eyes only. A private link for author-cost book buying is provided; no royalties are earned at this discounted price. (FastPencil Tip: Publish "Private" first to receive your first proof copy. Proofread thoroughly before choosing "Wide Distribution". Updating Wide Distribution titles will require repayment of Wide Distribution fees.)
  2. PUBLISHING TO FASTPENCIL MARKETPLACE ONLY - $9.99 - Your book will be available for sale on the FastPencil Marketplace at your chosen retail price. Author-cost book buying is available, too.
  3. WIDE DISTRIBUTION PUBLISHING - $249 (DIY 1, one format) or $299 (DIY 2, for both print and eBook formats) - Titles published with Wide Distribution will be available for 3 years on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kindle, iPad, Nook, Ingram, etc. After the first 3 years there is a $19.00/year catalog fee to keep your book in distribution. Your book will be available for sale on the FastPencil Marketplace at your chosen retail price. Author-cost book buying is available, too.

When ready to publish, the author clicks the Setup Publication button and is taken through a wizard to fulfill the metadata information for the publication. This data collection includes Title Page Info, a Description, Formats (Print and/or eBook), Cover Setup, Pricing, Proofing, and more. This metadata will be paired with the book upon distribution.

Sales and Marketing

After writing, now it's time to find your audience! With FastPencil, a Marketing Toolkit is automatically generated when you publish. Every published author receives:
1. An Author Page. It lists his/her bio and other books that have been published with FastPencil.
2. A Book Buy Page. It lists the Book, Metadata, and a Preview of the Book.
3. A Book Buy Widget. This is an HTML Coded Web Advertisement meant to drive traffic back to the Book Buy Page.

Tips and Tricks

For ideas on creating more content, education about the publishing cycle, and how to monetize your manuscript, email us with questions and subscribe for trending topics: blog.fastpencil.com.

Publishing with FastPencil allows authors to write, print, publish and sell books and e-books publicly (or privately) in multiple formats and sizes with ISBNs available. Plus, Professional Author Services are available for those who would like to distribute through Global Partner Networks. Reach sales and budget goals while selling through Amazon, B&N, iBooks, BAM! and more by publishing just once from one simple platform. 

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