New Project Button - How To Start a New Project

From your Project Dashboard:

  • Click the "New Project” button. 
  • Select what type of project to setup:

Write – Write, edit, design and publish a print and/or ebook

  1. Add content with the Write / Edit Button 
  2. Optimize your existing document for importing: Import - How to Import Word Documents or Evernote Notes (with Video)

Upload – (For Advanced Book Designers) Upload a finished, Print-ready PDF or ePub via our Direct-to-Publish (DTP) feature. (Learn more about DTP here.)

  • Enter project title (required). Project Title can be easily changed from your Project Dashboard, at any time.
  • Click “Create Project”. After creating a new project, it will as the display top-left project and can be accessed by clicking on the project from the Project Dashboard view. 

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