How to add images or media files in FastPencil?

When creating a book in FastPencil, the author platform will automatically optimize your book and e-book pages for each format you choose to publish using THEMES. Our writing tool allows unlimited images per chapter or section. Authors can drag-and-drop each image individually or upload in bulk to the project using JPEG or PNG format.
Creating a book with images is quick and easy. Here's how:

Step 1. From within your dashboard, project chapter or section, Click on the "Attach media file" icon.

Step 2. Select "Browse Library or Upload".

Step 3. Select an image in the Library or Upload a new image you would like to insert into your chapter or section, etc. Once you have chosen an image click on "Upload New File".

Step 4. Add any Caption to the image. 

Step 5. Select an Alignment from the drop down menu, you will have the option to align your image or media file to the Center, Left, Right or Fit to Width.

Step 6. Click "Save".

Step 7. Your image or media file will appear at the top of every chapter or section, etc. In order to see exactly where your image or media file will appear in the project you must preview it.




Attaching Image or Media Assets

Upon selecting the “Attach Media File” button, the Attach Media File page view enables you to select existing assets or upload new assets and insert them into your project. Attach images, videos, and audio files to your project chapters, and they will appear in book formats that support them.

Once an image has been inserted and project saved, you can click on the image to add title and link (applicable for digital versions of book) and also adjust the position. Alignment choices are:

  • Left
  • Center
  • Right
  • Fit to Width

*Tip: If you plan on using your uploaded images the full-width of your book, it's important to have a large enough image file for quality output. Printed images should be at least 250ppi (pixels-per-inch) at final output size. A way to check if your image has enough resolution is to take the width that it will print at and multiply by 250, then check if your pixel dimensions are at least that wide. (For example if your image will print at 5 inches wide, the uploaded image should be at least 1250 pixels wide.)



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