How Do I Buy My Book? (Author Pricing, Bulk Orders, Wholesale Discounts)

Did you know: FastPencil Authors enjoy discounted "author pricing" when buying books. 

When logged in, authors will see the "author price" on the Book Buy page. (Non-authors and customers will see the retail price of the book on the Marketplace page.)

How Do I Buy My Book? (Author Pricing)

To PROMOTE or PURCHASE print books, sign in to your FastPencil dashboard and click, Publications.  

Then, find the publication title you would like to buy or promote, and click on the desired text link on the right side of the listing: Buy or Promote.

To DOWNLOAD your e-books, go to your FastPencil dashboard and click, Downloads. Select your desired file to download. (Click here to learn How to read EPUB or PDF eBooks.) 


*TIP for published authors*
Securely save Tax Information and confirm your address now to ensure quarterly Royalty Payment and yearly 1099-R receipt.


Bulk Orders

Did you know? Automatically calculated bulk order discounts further decrease author book prices. Order more, save more!

50 books = 10% discount 
100 books = 15% discount 
250 books = 25% discount 
500+ books = 30% discount 

To combine these special offers, go to PUBLICATIONS to see a published book listing. Click on a book to see the special Author Price. Click the Buy button and checkout with 50 or more books. Sell your discounted books at seminars, events, appearances & more and KEEP ALL OF YOUR PROFIT!


Wholesale Discounts 

FastPencil is a print on demand book and eBook publishing platform. FastPencil distributes print and eBooks globally as your "distributor of record". Offering bulk order discounts to direct buyers for non-returnable books purchased through the marketplace, FastPencil is changing old traditions with new technology. Distributors and bookstores can purchase in bulk directly from the FastPencil Marketplace.

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