Importing WordPress Blog to FastPencil Writing Tool

In order to import your WordPres Blog, you must export an XML file and then convert it into a format our system can read. The XML typically will contain all of your posts from the beginning of time as well as images/pictures. However, this is not always guaranteed and manual work may be involved, such as manually adding in images, re-sizing images, re-arranging text, etc.

To import your WordPress blog you will need to convert it to a Word document and import it that way. Here are the steps to do that:  

1. Install the Aspose Plugin to your WordPress site from WordPress's Plugin Directory:

2. Export your posts and Pages into a Word do using the plugin
This article has a detailed description of how this part of the process works:

3. Format your Word Document for Import into Our System
In order for your Word document to import correctly - meaning both formatting as well as proper chapter pagination - it will need to have a few additional format tweaks done to it. The steps to format the document are laid out in this article form our Knowledge base:

4. Import the Word Document into Our System
Once the document is in Word format, go to your account and use the Import feature to start a new project. You will be prompted to import your Word document.

We understand this is a lot of steps, and apologize for the inconvenience. We are currently working on an XML importing tool which streamlines this process.

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