How do I transfer my published book to FastPencil?

  1. You need to get a letter from the original publisher releasing you from any contract you have with them. Some publishers can be more stringent about releasing content and without this letter, there's not much we can do.

  2. If your publication ISBN numbers were provided by you, that's great. If the ISBN's were provided by the original publisher, they are registered to them and re-publishing would require new ISBN's to be assigned.

  3. Upon resolving the above issues, your costs will be dependent on the services needed from FastPencil.



If you are the owner of your novel and are allowed to publish through FastPencil with Global Distribution, here is more information about securing your copyright:



The restrictions of the site are listed in our Terms of Service, just as if you were to publish with another online publisher. However, once you publish a book, your previous publisher may have restricted you from publishing with other sites. You should know and agree to these site terms before you publish anywhere.



Once you choose to publish with FastPencil using global distribution, your ISBNs will be assigned to you, and those are tied to FastPencil, but are yours to keep forever. FastPencil Books are produced with retail-store ready ISBN and barcodes, and marketing metadata is collected and paired with your title during the publishing process. Here is more information about ISBNs:



With FastPencil, users can setup a book project in 2 different ways:

--> 1. with the writing tool

To create a Print and e-Book from ONE PROJECT, start here: We'll create print and e-books for all readers on all devices (nook, iPad, kindle, Sony, Kobo, PC, MAC, and more) from your content.

(Usually an author brings a manuscript to the site, creates a project, and either uploads the content or writes directly into the editor. At this point, the author can add collaborators to work on the project. The author can accept/reject revisions, track changes, and revert to previous drafts.)

--> 2. with the PDF uploader utility
Alternatively, for PRINT PROFESSIONALS with access to Adobe Pro, Authors can use the DIRECT TO PUBLISH (DTP) PDF uploader utility to skip the writing and organizing tools and go directly to Publication Setup: ****Please notice the separate tab for e-Book Upload. To obtain both Print and e-Book from the DTP uploader utility, the publisher must provide both files to perfect specification, as outlined within the site pages.



With either option above:

When ready to publish, the author clicks the Publication Setup button and is taken through a wizard to fulfill the metadata information for the publication. This data collection includes Title Page Info, a Description, Formats (Print and/or eBook), Cover Setup, Pricing, Proofing, and more. This metadata will be paired with the book upon distribution.

Basically, FastPencil offers 3 publishing options:
1. Private Edition = $9.99.
2. FastPencil Marketplace only = $9.99.
3. Global Distribution = $299 for 2 formats or $249 for one format, and the publication is distributed to the FastPencil Marketplace, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBookstore and Ingram Digital (hundreds of domestic and international channels).
The above 3 options are the base price of the publishing packages, and each one will have additional charges for the cost of at least one print book, plus shipping, handling and taxes, if applicable.

Here is more info about Publishing and Distribution Options and Costs:

All of our writing and previewing tools are free. Authors and Publishers only pay for books and services.




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