Publishing Service - Metadata or Price Change

FastPencil will manually update the title's price or alternate metadata, one time. This service includes a retail price change service for your Book and/or eBook that was previously published with global (wide) distribution.

Author should provide this information to complete the service:

  • Order number
  • Publication title
  • Formats
  • Prices to re-set

We would then request change orders from each of our 3rd party channels. This update may take anywhere from 2 business days up to 4 weeks to be implemented, depending on format and channel. 

Ask FastPencil about custom author service offerings during any stage of the book publishing life cycle:

  • Write a Book + eBook from one project
  • Create your new brand, establish and engage with our network
  • Edit (Rule of 3!) - Tips and Tricks about editing
  • Create cover (does it look great at various sizes?)
  • Print a draft / advanced review copy
  • Final review
  • Prepare for publication, collect metadata
  • Publish book
  • Book Launch!
  • Drive readers to buy book
  • Create more content + Repeat

FastPencil is Publishing Simplified.



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