Global (Wide) Distribution — Where Is My Title Distributed Online?

FastPencil gives you distribution flexibility that is unmatched in the publishing industry.

Your printed Color (interior) books can be distributed via, and the FastPencil Marketplace.

Your printed Black and White (interior) books can be distributed via, Barnes and Noble and the FastPencil Marketplace (excluding 8.5x11 page sizes, which is only available on the FastPencil Marketplace).

Your eBooks can be distributed through:

  • ePub: Apple iBookStore, Amazon Kindle Store,,,,,,,,, and the FastPencil Marketplace.
  • PDF:,,,,,, and the FastPencil Marketplace.

Outside of for printed books, and the Amazon Kindle Store for eBooks, it’s important to remember that FastPencil has limited control over which book retailers actually list your ISBN title, i.e. we place your title in catalogs, and it’s up to the retailers to fetch and list them for sale on their websites.
Here is a short list of where your title will be distributed online:

BookSense / American Booksellers Association (ABA)


Computer Manuals Ltd.

Diesel eBooks (Tools of the Shade, LLC)




Publisher Services Inc. (MBS) (audio & e-book)

eBookShop (South Africa)

Direct Ebooks (Ireland)

All Romance eBooks (romance books only)

All Romance eBooks / Omni Lit (all books)

eBook Pie

Entourage Systems

Wizpac (Germany)

Campus eBooks (Denmark)

The Book Depository (UK)


Team Research / Astak

TookBook (Croatia)

Bookshop Krisostomus (Estonia) (South Africa)

Advantage Media Group (Australia)

eCommSource (Ireland)

Kobo Books (Canada) (also powers,

Saraiva e Siciliano (Brazil)

Fishpond (New Zealand / Australia),

AudiobooksDirect (Australia - audio only) (Japan)

MP Publishing (UK)

DMC / The Copia

EC Media International / The Wink Store (India)

The PocketBook USA

DEA (Italy)

Tradebit (Germany)

Infibeam (India)

Page Foundry

Best Price Wholesale


Feedbooks (France)

BeamItDown Software

Suomalainenkk (Finland)

SBS Special Book Services (Brazil)

Asia Books (Thailand)


Wiltronic / iView

Booksygen (France)*


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What can FastPencil do for your Publishing plans?

Ask FastPencil about custom service offerings during any stage of the book publishing life cycle:

  • Write a Book + eBook from one project
  • Create your new brand, establish and engage with our network
  • Edit (Rule of 3!) - Tips and Tricks about editing
  • Create cover (does it look great at various sizes?)
  • Print a draft / advanced review copy
  • Final review
  • Prepare for publication, collect metadata
  • Publish book
  • Book Launch!
  • Drive readers to buy book
  • Create more content + Repeat

FastPencil is Publishing Simplified


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