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Collaborating is the process of inviting others to review, edit or write with you. The different types of Collaborators are listed below in the image.

To add Collaborators to your project, on the left-hand side of your project dashboard click "Collaborators". Then click on orange button "+ Invite Collaborator". You will be asked to add them either by Email address or you can choose from your FastPencil User. 

Invite other authors or editors to help you finish your project:

  • Select “+ Invite Collaborator” Button.
  • On Invite page, select user you would like to add as contributor (must be part of your friends community first). Select role for new collaborator: Reviewer (Can read project contents and leave comments), Editor (Can edit project contents and leave comments), Contributor (Can edit project contents, leave comments, create notes, and invite other collaborators), Manager (Can do anything the project owner is capable of doing).
  • Use existing or edit/add to invitation message, then select “Create Invitation”.
  • Manage Collaborators page displays existing collaborators as well as invitations that have been sent out (with ability to cancel invites).


Jump to related article: Publishing Wizard (Guided Publishing) - Overview to see where Contributors are referenced in your book metadata and acknowledgements or credits. 

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