All About FastPencil's Auto-gen Marketing Toolkit

Find your audience and promote! 

With FastPencil, a Marketing Toolkit is automatically generated when you publish. Every published author receives:

  1. An Author Page. Beef up your bio and list other published books. Add your social media accounts and promote upcoming events. Enter your Payee info securely to ensure royalty payments and tax documents are received in a timely manner. Click here to jump to more information about the Author Page, or jump into your account to set it up, now:
  2. A BookBuy Page. This sales page allows readers to purchase any book format you've published and displays the Book Cover, Marketing Metadata, and a Preview of the Book.
  3. A BookBuy Widget. This HTML Coded Web Advertisement is meant to drive traffic back to the BookBuy Page. Display it on any web property to showcase your published work. 

Here is a link to our MARKETPLACE so you can see the books that are published with FastPencil: 


Publishing with FastPencil allows authors to write, print, publish and sell books and e-books publicly (or privately) in multiple formats and sizes with ISBNs available. Plus, Professional Author Services are available for those who would like to distribute through Global Partner Networks. Reach sales and budget goals while selling through Amazon, B&N, iBooks, BAM! and more by publishing just once from one simple platform.


Ask FastPencil pros about any stage of the book publishing life cycle:


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