How to Create a Sell Sheet

How to sell more books and drive your book brand.

  • Build an online and brick-and-mortar community following and visit local  bookstores to establish a relationship with managers.
  • The bookstore managers have the power to host book signings and place orders.
  • Be sure to have marketing flyers (called Sell Sheets) and books in-hand.

Here are some tips and tricks for building an effective Sell Sheet:

1. Gather assets and information:

  • Cover art
  • Publication date, ISBN, Price
  • Format, size, page count
  • Category (for ex: Pets, Young Adult, Juvenile Fiction, Cookbook, Political Thriller, etc.)

2. Write descriptive paragraphs:

  • About the Book / Summary
  • About the Author / Biography
  • Marketing Plan
  • Obtain 1 or 2 short quotes/praise/reviews from readers

3. Design your one-page advertisement and highlight contact numbers and ordering information!

Leave behind a great-looking, chock-full of information, one-page ad flyer for your book. The manager of the bookstore will reference it, remember you, and hopefully, order in bulk from our Marketplace.


Bulk Orders

Did you know? Automatically calculated bulk order discounts further decrease author book prices. Order more, save more!

50 books = 10% discount 
100 books = 15% discount 
250 books = 25% discount 
500+ books = 30% discount 

To combine author- and bulk-pricing special offers, go to MY PUBLICATIONS to see a published book listing. Click on a book to see the special Author Price. Click the Buy button and checkout with 50 or more books. Sell your discounted books at seminars, events, appearances & more and KEEP ALL OF YOUR PROFIT!

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