Post-Publishing & Distribution Next Steps: What to Expect


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Now what?!


  • Your BOOK PUBLICATION(S) will be under review for 24-48 hours to ensure quality control.
  • If you PURCHASED BOOKS, you'll receive an email update once the books move onto press.
  • If you PURCHASED SERVICES, a project manager will contact you within 2 business days.



To view, promote or re-purchase your book, go to your FastPencil dashboard and click, My Publications.

To download your e-books, go to your FastPencil dashboard and click, My Downloads.


Securely save Tax Information and confirm your address within the FastPencil publishing platform to ensure quarterly Royalty Payment and yearly 1099-R receipt.

Reporting, Payments, Payee Info article here.


If you published "Privately", this link is for personal use, and your title is not searchable on our marketplace. When you share this private link, invited readers will be allowed to purchase the book from BookBuy page.

If you published to "Marketplace" or with "Wide Distribution" service, your e-book is now available on For titles published with Wide Distribution, your publication(s) will be available within 4 weeks for up to 3 years on Amazon .com, Kindle, Barnes and Noble .com, Nook, iBooks, iPad, Ingram, Lightning Source, and more. Click here for more timeline details.


NEXT STEPS: Sales & Marketing

With FastPencil, a Marketing Toolkit is automatically generated when you publish. Every published author receives:

  1. An Author Page. Beef up your bio and list other published books. Add your social media accounts and promote upcoming events. Enter your Payee info securely to ensure royalty payments and tax documents are received in a timely manner. Click here to jump to more information about the Author Page, or jump into your account to set it up, now:
  2. A BookBuy Page. This sales page allows readers to purchase any book format you've published and displays the Book Cover, Marketing Metadata, and a Preview of the Book.
  3. A BookBuy Widget. This HTML Coded Web Advertisement is meant to drive traffic back to the BookBuy Page. Display it on any web property to showcase your published work. 

Here is a link to our MARKETPLACE so you can support indie authors, too: 


RE-WRITING: If you find mistakes in your published book, simply make changes to your project (or COPY your project to retain the old version) and re-publish / re-distribute.

RE-PUBLISHING & RE-DISTRIBUTION: To publish or re-publish, choose from the following Distribution options:

  1. PRIVATE PUBLISHING - $9.99 - For your eyes only. A private link for author-cost book buying is provided; no royalties are earned at this discounted price. (FastPencil Tip: Publish "Private" to receive your first proof copy. Proofread thoroughly before choosing to publicly publish with "Marketplace" or "Global Distribution".)

    Pre-pay for this Private Proof Printing service – (Publish - Private $9.99 Buy Now) – or when you are ready to publish privately, purchase this service and proof books within the Publication Setup wizard from your dashboard.

  2. PUBLISHING TO FASTPENCIL MARKETPLACE ONLY - $9.99 - Your book will be available for sale on the FastPencil Marketplace at your chosen retail price. Author-cost book buying is available, too.

    Pre-pay for this Public Publishing and Book Printing service – (Publish - Marketplace $9.99 Buy Now) – or when you are ready to publish publicly, purchase this service and proof books within the Publication Setup wizard from your dashboard

  3. GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION PUBLISHING - $249 (DIY 1, one format) or $299 (DIY 2, for both print and eBook formats) - Titles published with Global Distribution will be available for 3 years on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kindle, iPad, Nook, Ingram, etc. After the first 3 years there is a $19.00/year catalog fee to keep the title in distribution. The title will be available for sale on the FastPencil Marketplace at the chosen retail price. Author-cost book buying is available, too.

    Pre-pay for the Global Publishing and Book Printing service now:

    $249.00 Buy Now Global Distribution - One Format (Print OR e-Book) Pre-Pay

    $299.00 Buy Now Global Distribution - Two Formats (Print AND e-Book) Pre-Pay

    Or, when you are ready to publish globally, purchase this service and proof books within the Publication Setup wizard from your dashboard

Every time you publish you must purchase at least ONE proof copy of your book. The reason we do this is to ensure the quality of each publication and to be sure the author approves of the book listed in distribution. When you publish an eBook either Private or in the FastPencil Marketplace there is a $9.99 cost for the eBook Bundle Creation (epub, mobi and pdf files). When you publish a print book, authors pay the manufacturing cost of the proof plus shipping, handling and taxes.

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