What files are included in the eBook Publication Bundles?

When authors publish with FastPencil, multiple publication files (for both print and e-books) are created from one project. This means you can create one print publication and one e-book bundle from one book project!

So, what's in an "e-book bundle"?

  • ePub - E-Reader industry standard and currently offers epub3 formats
  • mobi - Amazon exclusive file, created for the Kindle.
  • PDF - Computer device industry standard.
  • Metadata - Marketing tidbits paired with your publication formats. Publishing wizard guides authors through the metadata collection process prior to publishing. This information is paired with ISBN, Covers and book files and distributed to all sales channels once the title is published.

To see what Print Book Types are offered, go here.


FastPencil ensures books are built to perfect specifications upon order and printed on demand. With a global distribution network and easy to use book-building software, print and publishing professionals are selling books to wider audiences while earning more — 80% net royalties are paid to the published author.

To create a Print and e-Book from ONE PROJECT, start here: https://fp.fastpencil.com/start. Once content is added, preview your book for free (via digital PDF proof). Start organizing your stuff, now!


Plus, ask FastPencil pros about any stage of the book publishing life cycle:


FastPencil is the world’s leading publishing platform with hundreds of thousands of members worldwide, releasing new books and features daily. Registered users can build books and e-books and preview unlimited digital proofs, anytime, anywhere, on nearly any Internet-connected screen, all without ads or commitments. Authors can publish, print and sell books and e-books privately or publicly with ISBNs and have access to professional author services providers. FastPencil is Publishing Simplified.

Write now for free, login: https://fp.fastpencil.com/users/sign_in

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