About the Green Initiative

The Green Initiative is all about helping Authors and Publishers create an industry-wide culture of conservation.

Print on Demand with FastPencil

Print books (digitally) on demand, with no worry about the upfront costs of offset (traditional) printing.

With facilities located all over the world, books are ordered, printed and shipped to where they need to be (warehouses, retailers, distributors, readers) with unmatched speed and reliability.

We believe in a teamwork approach that includes Authors, Publishers, Printers, Distributors, Readers and Software Builders. Since 2008, we’ve been helping writers at every level (from hobbyists, professionals, and enterprise publishers) develop tailor-made “Go Green” publishing plans that help them sell books, conserve resources by printing on demand (print-on-demand aka POD), and by providing the platform to make an industry-wide difference. FastPencil has always been free and accessible to any author, anywhere. Authors pay to publish and print books, when they're ordered, with no extra waste or risk.


FastPencil, like you, is channel agnostic (selling everywhere readers browse), building a new story through technology (unique but cost-effective), and going global (growing our network of partners, authors and readers).


FastPencil has made a profound impact on the publishing community – both by saving precious resources today, and by changing how people around the world buy and sell books. Let us know why the print-on-demand Green Initiative is important to you.

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