Why FP2 - Platform and Data Migration from FP1 to FP2

Starting now through mid-2016, our legacy platform (FP1 aka www.FastPencil.com) will be transitioning to a writing & previewing workspace only.

To publish active projects, transfer content easily to our newest version of the FastPencil publishing platform fp.FastPencil.com (FP2). Here's why:

You'll experience improved eBook and print book quality:

  • The ePub bundle was upgraded to include ePub3 files (the newest industry standard) and will house active links, front and back covers, and active TOCs.
  • All Physical print book pricing is improved due to order automation.

You'll enjoy new features like:

  • drop-in image handling
  • table of contents enhancements
  • overall faster speeds & better pricing

Next steps: go to the FP2 Dashboard, now.

FastPencil is Publishing Simplified.

Master your content. Monetize your work. Organize and Preview Your Book + e-Book, NOW.  

  • All in one publishing platform
  • Free writing tool
  • 24/7 support
  • Royalty tracking
  • Safe and secure


A complete book in minutes. See all your table of contents and chapters together.

FastPencil automatically pulls all your project info into one place, so you can create several publications from one workspace.

Simple and free to set up.

It’s free and easy to get started, and we connect to almost every bookseller on the internet. In just minutes, you’ll see how your content is going to look in eBook and Print book formats, and get ideas on how to sell more.

Stay up-to-date
 as it happens.

FastPencil automatically updates and
 organizes your book project in real time. Compile notes, files, and documents–we’ll crunch the data and polish it up in preparation for publishing.

Sign up and sync a manuscript in seconds.

There’s nothing to lose and your publishing freedom to gain.


Book + e-Book Publishing Professionals

Ask us about any stage of the book publishing life cycle:

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