How Do I View The PDF Proof in Book Layout?

By default, the preview PDF of your book is generated with a page display setting of “Single Page View”. This can be confusing as it shows you each page individually, rather than in the 2 page spread layout they would be printed in.

You can change the display layout of the PDF preview in two easy steps:

  1. On the topmost menu bar in Adobe Acrobat, go to View > Page Display, then select the option, “Show Cover Page in Two Page View”. You won’t see anything change immediately afterwards. Selecting this option will ensure that when you switch to the two page view in the next step the pages will be laid out as they would in the final book.
  2. Once more on the topmost menu bar in Adobe Acrobat go to View > Page Display, then select the option, “Two Page Scrolling”. This will put your pages side by side. Because you selected “Show Cover Page in Two Page View” in the previous step, the cover page of the book will appear as a single, stand alone page.

Now you can preview and review your book the way it will appear in print. As you scroll through the spreads, you will notice that all of the blank pages appear on the left side, with the chapters and sections starting on the page to their right.

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