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Inspired storytelling comes from all sorts of media. Lately, the team has discovered some great podcasts, so we'd love to share them here. Get inspired and enjoy! 

"The Power of Listening" From Cal Fussman Interview by Tim Ferriss

Interview Masters Cal Fussman and Tim Ferriss discuss how to tell a great story (without journalism school) through the Power of Listening. Specifically for non-fiction, they discuss storytelling in a formulaic way via: IMG_0701

"The lead, statistics, quotes, 3 people as the trend, piecing it together, and don't bury the lead, bring this attention-grabbing piece to the top, and so on..."

Also, "What is a more subtle way to approach an opener?"

Answer by Cal Fussman is the "tantric structure of storytelling" payoff at 1:07:01. 

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Check out the podcast for yourself and let us know if you have other writing advice or inspiration recommendations.

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