FastPencil 2.22 - RELEASE NOTES

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Release notes include changes to mainline version; abbreviated list of "FastPencil 2.22 - RELEASE NOTES" Commit Summary:

  • FP-1694 Fix Facebook auth
  • FP-1671 Update Twitter tags for product page
  • FP-1672 Add image for main page share
  • FP-1446 Add pagination to Downloads user page
  • FP-1698 Update title on Subjects tree page
  • FP-1684 Use the PrintBookTypeGroup version of dimensions on Cover.
  • FP-1684 Use `imperial_` version of Group dimensions.
  • FP-1593 Update cover generator.
  • FP-1460 Add ability to download book preview for project manager
  • FP-1673 adds nested to blocks migration
  • FP-1680 Add the metric size to theme page dimensions.
  • FP-1685 Send emails for users about new comments in projects
  • FP-1681 User may choose which units to use.
  • FP-1600 if a user is soft-deleted, its action will still know their username
  • FP-1600 actions no longer delete when their user does
  • FP-1678 Add preview by chapter function
  • FP-1760 lets project ToC sections nest 4 deep

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