FP1.0 authors, Final Notice: Data Migration was completed May 15, 2016

FastPencil 1.0 Authors,

Starting in October 2015, we began to communicate to all of our customers about FP1.0 data migration. The content that was created or updated on the old FastPencil site has not been deleted or lost, all of that data is safe on our static database. If you think there is content that has not been moved to the new FastPencil 2.0 site, please submit a Support request and include the following information:

1. Your username or email of your old FastPencil account.
2. Your username or email of your NEW FastPencil account.
3. The name of the Project in the old FastPencil that you wish to be updated.

Thank you for your cooperation,

-The FastPencil Team



Write now, login to the NEW FastPencil (FP2.0): https://fp.fastpencil.com/users/sign_in 

*Just FYI - To request password reset instructions or to unlock your account, click herehttps://fp.fastpencil.com/users/password/new.


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    Mariena Foley

    Authors and Publishers, Here is a note from the desk of Bryan Crossland, posted to our forums yesterday 5/19/16:

    Hello. I'm the head of the engineering department here at FastPencil. I can assure you that your data is not 'gone' nor has it been deleted. It is completely safe in the database that powered version 1 of the software. Support has access to the data and can export your project from that system to your account on the new system when they are back in the office in the morning. 

    Unfortunately, the version 1 database is incompatible with the version 2 database hence the need to migrate the data out. For the safety of your work, we made every effort to safeguard your data on the move over and keep copies of all data even after it was migrated. We even placed warnings and barriers on login that your data was being moved explaining not to work in the version 1 system anymore and move to the version 2 system. 

    The migration program took a snapshot of your data at the time your account came up for migration, then moved that data into the version 2 system. This is why when you are logging into the version 2 of the software for the first time you are seeing no changes in a month or more. 

    The migration of all accounts finished 2 weeks ago. Support has been informing users to leave the version 1 of the system and to export any data changes they made after their migration started from version 1 and import them into version 2. This is because version 1 of the site was being shut down (more on why in a bit). That shutdown has now happened. Support has access to version 1 and can retrieve your data if you did not export it in time. Please open a ticket with them and they will be glad to help. 


    Why did we sunset version 1?

    The version 1 of the system had been running since 2009. From 2009 to 2013 it had undergone a lot of changes, however, all work and updates to that site had ceased in 2013. It was at this time, work on version 2 of the software had begun. Only maintenance fixes were being done to version 1 for the last 3 years while all efforts were focused on version 2. 

    The underlying code language used on version 1 had become obsolete. As the years had passed, upgrading became more difficult and a full-scale switch was needed. The servers that powered the site also fell out of licensing and support requiring full replacements to newer hardware and operating systems.

    Upon analysing the design, structure, function, and capabilities of version 1 we found that staying with it did not allow us to create a version 2 that would be more stable, scale better, be faster, and provide authors with more options. The decision was made to create version 2 as the system that could grow with the needs of the 21st Century author.

    What does version 2 have that version 1 didn't?

    • The editor is more flexible and capable than it's predecessor. We have not even begun to reach the full capability of this editor where we had already maxed out all possibilities with the old one. For instance, you can drag and drop images right into the editor. It will upload them and size them right into your book. You can them place that image where ever you want inside your chapter. 
    • ePUBs are now ePUB 3 format and don't have any of the issues the version 1 ePUBs had, like URL's not being added or working.
    • Your book can be distributed farther. Limitations on how your book was formatted and delivered prevented the version 1 system from reaching all the channels it could. That is not the case in version 2. We are adding more channels and printers in the coming months and can already get your book to more places than version 1 could.
    • 100% validation of ePUBs. We validate all ePUBs so they are ready for automatic delivery to all channels reducing the chance that your book will be rejected by a channel by 90%. We want your book out there as much as you do and version 2 makes that possible.
    • More accurate shipping costs. Version 1 relied on outdated methods for retrieving and calculating shipping. Version 2 does away with that allowing for more accurate shipping cost calculation thus lowering the price of shipping. When we finish integration into the Snowfall4POD printer network we will be able to lower shipping costs even more as books will be printed closer to their shipping destination. No more paying FedEx an arm and a leg to get a book to the UK. 
    • Faster and more stable. The version 2 system is designed to be a cloud-based Software As A Service (Saas). This allows us to run the software on more power machines for less cost making the site faster and more responsive to you even when site usage is high.
    • More capability to recover from accidents. Delete your project by mistake? Not a problem. How about a chapter? Not an issue. Support can recover any mistakenly deleted projects and chapters without losing any data. This was not possible in version 1.
    • Import from Word including all the pictures. Wrote your whole book in Word with pictures? Yes, you can import that and we will bring all your pictures over as well.

    These are just a few of the things version 2 is capable of and more is being added and improved every week. Over the next couple of weeks, I will be writing more about version 2 and what new things are coming in it. I will post it here in the forums and on our blog. 

    Edited by Mariena Foley
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    Ann Waters

    Hi Bryan,

    I am so pleased that today your team got my content onto FP2, and so I have proceeded to publish and am almost done...except the shopping cart keeps bumping my order due to "There are no shipping methods available for the address provided. Please go back and select a different shipping address. "

    Any idea why?   I have tried using several other addresses of friends - same problem.  Stuck in shopping cart ozone.  Want to pay your salary for this week if only this shipment cold get going!  I am in California - could practically drive down for the books.


    Spirit of the Grange: Spirit of the Grange - 150th Heritage Year Celebration Edition: The Wisdom of Demeter (First Edition) (format: print) (Quantity 100)



    Ann Waters

    190 North St.  Willits, CA USA

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