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Whether 1 or 100 copies are ordered, FastPencil sells POD (print on demand) books and eBooks. When a print book is purchased, it is produced and shipped to the buyer. Using the POD method, the author does not have to purchase or store a large inventory of books.  

  • When publishing a print book, authors are asked to purchase the distribution service plus at least one book proof (at "author cost"), in addition to shipping, handling and taxes. The reason we require that at least one book is purchased is to ensure that the expectations and quality of each publication, and that it is approved for distribution.
  • When customers order a book from the FastPencil Marketplace, readers are able to purchase the book at retail price, the requested quantity will be added to the shopping cart, in addition to shipping, handling and taxes.
FastPencil uses various shipping methods that are displayed in the shopping cart when the service is available to the specific shipping address. (International options are also available, when applicable.) 

Typical shipping options, at varying costs, may include:

  • FedEx Ground Home Delivery
  • USPS Express
  • FedEx Ground
  • FedEx 2 Day 
Since each order contains a different book size, mailing address, varying quantity, specific weight, and numerous other possibilities, our publishing system's cart will only supply available shipping services for that specific order. This means that author and customer shipping costs may vary from order to order, depending on service types offered and selected. Once the purchase is made, the buyer will receive order notifications, including an order confirmation email and a shipment confirmation email with package tracking details.

For a specific question about a pending order, please email your Order Number Inquiry to

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